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Apartment Assurance

For $14.99 a month, Apartment Assurance will solve all of your apartment issues by intervening on your behalf using their expertise and, if need be top-notch attorneys. They advocate on your behalf, and if the apartment complex still fails to comply, they will litigate or use the law on your behalf to either force them to fix the issue or release you from your lease. Visit apartmentassurance.com and Facebook.com/apartmentassurance to find out more.


BikeIdentity is helping you get your bike back. Of the 1.5 million bikes stolen, 48% are recovered by the police, but less than 5% of those are returned to their rightful owner. BikeIdentity offers a solution that will allow for swift and easy identification of the bike owner, while still being difficult for bike thieves to identify and thwart. Visit BikeIdentity.com to find out more.

Budget Allies

If you don’t create a budget for yourself, Budget Allies will do it for you. Customers sign up for a 6-month service, and each month one of the Budget Allies reps will call the customer at a scheduled time and go over the customer’s banking statement, bills, and last 30 days of expenses. Then Budget Allies will organize the customer’s budget into an easy-to-use document, so customers can see how they are spending their money. Additionally, Budget Allies will line up their budget with their financial goals. Visit Facebook.com/BudgetAllies to find out more.

Massage By Students

Massage By Students offers a web platform that connects massage school students to local clients. These students are willing to offer their services at a cheaper price than certified counterparts since they are required to have a specific amount of experience to receive certification. Massage school students create an account, fill out required information about their experience and offer a price for their services. Immediately their information is published on the Massage By Students website and categorized by location. Potential clients use the Massage By Students website to search for a list of students and prices within their area. They always look for feedback from potential customers and would appreciate you taking the time to fill out this survey: bit.ly/MassageByStudentsSurvey


OurPart.us provides disabled veterans with access to ADA compliant housing through crowd funding and relationships with nonprofit community organizations for the actual construction of the homes. Veterans will also provide opportunities for housing renovations and options for ADA compliant features within the home through crowd sourcing of designers, contractors, builders, product developers, etc. Visit OurPart.us to find out more.


What would you say to the world in 7 seconds? As everyone knows, text limits your ability to accurately convey tone, emotion and personality. SoundFly helps you share the sounds of your life, 7 seconds at a time.
Follow @WeSoundFly or visit launch.soundfly.co to find out more.


When a child is missing, every second counts. Trakk-EM connects parents with an immediate community network, faster than possible with an Amber Alert or the local police department, to help them locate their missing child. If your child has every gone missing, please take their survey: www.surveymonkey.com/s/3YGXKV3

True Ability

TrueAbility makes it easy to hire great techs. Today, recruiters and hiring managers rely on resume key words and written tests to qualify a job candidate. Resumes are often embellished, and written tests do not accurately capture a candidate’s TRUE ability, only their theoretical knowledge of the technology. TrueAbility is building a platform to solve this problem by validating a tech’s skills on a real server–allowing them to demonstrate their abilities in technologies relevant to the job they are applying for. Results can be used by companies to rank job applicants, reducing their cost per hire and accelerating the recruitment process.
Follow @TrueAbility or visit trueability.com to find out more.

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